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About Us
Kirranah Sdn Bhd was established 2 years ago in the aim to service vessel calling Port Klang, mainly general cargoes after been servicing ancillary services for past 15 years under Gemilang Mewah Trading (1995) and GIMD HS Sdn Bhd (2007).

With the support of a dedicated and experienced team, the qualified and well-maintained tool and machinery, Kirranah can now provide a one-stop, hassle-free and worry-free Ancillary (Lashing) services. Whatever your Ancillary Services needs are, we will get it done.

Our mission is to provide professional and reliable services by consistently adopting new technology and always been focusing on improving our level and quality of services to our clients.

Nature Of Business : Provision of customized and holistic solutions in managing and handling all types of cargoes / consignment onboard vessel as well as at and around port areas.

To be a premier utilities and ancillary services provider
Excellence in our core business segments

Key Directors & Senior Management Team
Founding member and has been the Managing Director of the company.

Founding member and has been the Executive Director of the company.

General Manager of the company with 20 years of management experience.

Guru [ CEO ]
012-389 9941

Mukkesh [ COO ]
018-210 0257

Murugaiah [ GM ]
012-377 3752

Strategic Plan & Assurance (Quality & Safety Standards)
Strategic Plan
  • Our valued customers are at the core of everything we do, and thus we go all the way to make our customers happy at every contact. We cater their needs with our extensive portfolio and vast business experience, whether they are a small business entrepreneurs or large corporations. As a cargo handler for past 15 years, we know our customer’s needs and provide quality solutions and services in a professional, proactive and timely manner.
  • We have committed ourselves to being the most reliable lashing provider in terms of service excellence, quality, cost effective and on-time, innovation, and environmental care.
  • We carry out commitment to customers by being responsive to their needs, providing them with port ancillary services solutions that create value and support customer’s success.
  • Easily adapted to customer’s needs and skills to deliver cost effective services on-time.
  • Speedy and well-coordinated delivery of services.
  • KPI are used to measure our performance and to help maintain a consistent quality of work. Ii also can assist Kirranah’s development initiatives and contribute to the competitiveness of Kirranah.
Our Quality Commitment
We also have in place standard operating procedures (SOP) for all our field staff, including supervisors and lashing gangs, as part of our KPI, by ensuring that our quality handling system are efficient and effective.
  • To provide the highest level of cargo handling & customer services
  • To comply consistently with the contract requirements at the highest possible quality
Safety has been one of our key policy. We have developed and has adopted a safety slogan, “You are the KEY to your safety”. All personnel will receive their initial Safety Training. Job specific training is also undertaken with the regular staffs. Further. managers are expected to ANTICIPATE any potential risky activities to be committed by our staff and take PROACTIVE action to prevent any accident and or injury from happening while working in the port areas.

The ultimate objective is to minimize the number of accidents/claims through proactive management of risk via having a set of monitoring and risk identification systems and procedures.

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